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Top Online Learning Platforms

Looking at some top online learning platforms, as it has always been, the same notion remains, better skills mean better opportunities and there are some top online learning platforms that allow us to up-skill and be better placed for our life goals. These top online learning platforms offer courses, mostly free, that are engaging and carry certifications on completion so they can be added to your CV or start up arsenal.

There are quite a number of online learning platforms out there, here a few that are pretty well-rounded , user friendly and come highly recommended by the general public.


MOOC Online Learning Platform

MOOCs are a modern form of online learning platforms. And edX is one of the most important course platforms in the world. EdX was founded by MIT and Harvard. Today, millions of participants from all over the world are learning with these courses, which are mostly free of charge.

It is built to run on various cloud infrastructures which is the beauty of this platform. the separate app for iOS and Android makes things easier from usage perspective but adds little overhead from the development point of view. It has a good dashboard for both a learner and an instructor. the open edX platform supports online courses, degree programs which can also be accessed offline too.

The ease with which we were able to customize our user’s experience with their preferences and allow them to use their own filters made up for unique user experience. Another good experience is that courses can be upgraded while they are being used by students with meaningful notifications about updates and they could also export/import content across the top online learning platforms.


Top Online Learning Platforms

Coursera is one of the best application that is providing courses with certificate. Some of them are free and some need to be paid but they provide a trial also for paid courses. The quality of video is amazing in both the type of courses. Beginners can start learning any thing from this application as It provides courses on a variety of topics.

Coursera offer degrees from some of the top-ranked universities in the world like Yale, Imperial College of London and the University of Geneva. Their professional qualifications are provided by the likes of Google, Amazon Web Services, Intel and The Linux Foundation.

It offers everything from music, art and philosophy to computer security, software development, cloud computing, mechanical engineering and astronomy. There are also dozens of foreign languages making it one of the top online learning platforms.


Freemium Online Learning Platform

Salman Khan is best known for his extensive math video library that he created in part to tutor his younger cousins. Today, kids can download and view more than 3,000 five- to 20-minute videos on a variety of academic subjects on the website or through an app. A coach (a teacher, parent, or tutor) can sign up and monitor kids’ progress; kids can also take a test to determine math lessons to watch. Problems include hints an videos have further learning links. A custom dashboard progress map fills up as kids master skills and earn badges and energy points.

The topic of content quality is one that often surfaces in conversations and Khan Academy reviews when people try to figure out is Khan Academy good. And rightfully so, The platform being completely free doesn’t mean that it gets a free pass when it comes to the quality of the content that it provides – if anything, it should have a pretty high standard when it comes to providing users with great courses. And, truth be told, most of the student Khan Academy reviews that concern the content are very positive.


Paid Online Learning Platform

The company refers to itself as “the leading global marketplace for learning and instruction.”
With Udemy, you can learn any skill you want, including those offered in traditional universities. All it takes is to visit their platform and enroll in a particular course with the subject you want to learn. In this case, where you live or what you want to study isn’t a barrier. You can find a suitable course that you’ll learn from home.

After completing a course, students can leave helpful reviews and ratings. This information ranks very highly among the top factors impacting customer decision. Opinion from past attendees can greatly influence not only newcomers’ decisions but also their preferences and judgment. In today’s digital era, this review of Udemy’s courses is critical for new students to enroll in upcoming classes.


Rated Online Skills Learning Platform

Skillshare offers video classes in just about every subject taught by real people who are really good at that subject. Some great designers have classes and even our own MSA UI/UX designer, Alexa, teaches a class on Building Your Own Portfolio Site from Scratch. With a Skillshare Premium membership, you’ll get unlimited access to thousands of classes, and you can download those classes for offline access on the Skillshare app from the App Store or Google Play.

Each class starts with a quick intro that will give you an idea of what you’ll be learning from the class. You can also read reviews for classes so you know how other students liked them, and leave your own review for classes you’ve taken. This is an easy way to find out if a class will be right for you and if you’ll be learning the thing you want to learn. After the Class Intro, classes are broken up into lessons – usually videos less than 10 minutes long that cover a specific step along the subject learning journey.

You’ll also be able to message with the instructor, and show off your projects with your classmates.

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Top Online Learning Platforms

Udacity was started by 2 Stanford university lecturers who offered one of their courses (“Introduction to Artificial Intelligence”) for free in 2011. It turned out to be a massive success and more than 160,000 students from around 200 counties watched the course.

Udacity has around 12 million users and 300 employees and since it first started, over 100,000 students have graduated from this technology and business-focused e-learning platform.
Udacity courses offer what you would expect from a regular university education, including forums, online ratings, and video conferencing. But Udacity breaks the barriers to entry and is open to all. She offers her technical knowledge to a larger number of people.

Students participate in courses that can be designed by a company for their specific needs. Although the skills are retained, the exact capabilities may not match the needs of another company.
Udacity is seen as a form of radical education called MOOC or open online course that allows anyone with an internet connection and access to the site to participate.


Top Online Learning Platforms

Pluralsight is an online training provider that gives users access to comprehensive and cost effective selection high quality learning materials and training courses for a monthly fee without requiring them get into any to long-term contracts. For businesses, the system is a platform that can provide your team with expert-authored, on-demand video training and powerful learning tools to keep their skills sharp and updated without spending too much and compromising business operations. For experts, Pluralsight lets them join their author network and share their expertise and knowledge with learners worldwide.

Pluralsight allows its users to acquire important skills and knowledge in the fields that arouse their interests. It offers courses for virtually everyone interested in learning about the top programming languages, application development platforms, developer tools, and software practices. It is designed to help fill the knowledge and skill gaps that prevent businesses and us individuals from keeping up with the latest trends in technology.
Its courses vary in difficulty, ranging from beginner to expert. You get to choose what you want to learn and Pluralsight can help you identify the course and difficulty level that is best suited for you.


Extensive Online Learning Platform

FutureLearn is a digital education platform. It is a MOCC learning platform that provides
education to a mass audience and learners across the globe.
FutureLearn is an Open University that is also an online learning platform. It has partnered with some of the top universities of the UK.

So far it has partnered with more than 150 universities in the UK and other countries.
FutureLearn’s partner institutions include many leading institutions such as The University of California – Irvine, Durham University, John Hopkins University, The University of Newcastle – Australia and The Shanghai International Studies University and The Open University.

Weekly task lists are provided for each course along with videos, articles and short quizzes. Students have the option to ask questions on every video or article, engage with others in discussions for a list of people whom they wish to follow, complete assignments and tests.
All of this makes for an effective and fun-filled learning experience.


One of the Top Online Learning Platforms

FreeCodeCamp is a nonprofit organization that is supported by donors. Their goal is to help people learn to code for free. They achieve this through lessons, videos, articles, and study groups around the world.
There are several freeCodeCamp certifications offered in a broad range of studies and with over 1,800 hours worth of material. Over 40,000 people have graduated since 2014. And many have found careers at top tech companies.

This resource is closer to DIY education than coding bootcamps. freeCodeCamp only provides lessons, and while comprehensive, creating a schedule is on you. If you’re an excellent self-learner, able to keep a good schedule, and find joy in programming, this could be a good option for you. Teaching yourself to code is certainly a viable route for breaking into tech careers if you possess these traits.


Top Online Learning Platforms

Codecademy is one of the most popular coding training websites on the Internet. It’s free and easily accessible to anyone. It made waves in 2012 with Code Year, a free year-long coding course that anyone around the world could take. Although Code Year is over, you can still take free and interactive coding lessons at your own pace.

“Codecademy is nothing if not prolific, and one of their best features is just the breadth of their offerings. To date they have tutorials on HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, Rails, AngularJS, ReactJS, Ruby, Command Line, Git, SQL, and Java. More than enough to keep you busy for a while, and more than enough opportunities for you to determine whether you like this whole coding thing and want to give it a real go.”

More resources exist and you can check this extra information for them.

You must never be afraid of learning new things and in this ever changing economy we are subjected to navigate, you will be better suited to be skilled up and ready for whatever may come. It will never be too late go start on your journey and check out one of these top online learning platforms.

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