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Top Part Time Jobs Online – 2020 Success Outlook

Working remotely is one of the best ways to make it through the day these days, and some top part time jobs online are available for those who seek to enhance their work environment and experience while making some money to boot.

You want the freedom of your own space and the urgency of employment then look no further than some of these top jobs to do part time or maybe move totally full time in.


writing as part time jobs online

Businesses hire writers for many types of one-off and short-term projects, including books, blog posts, technical manuals, proposals, sales materials and movie/video scripts etc. Many companies also hire part-time writers for long-term projects.

Another great way to make money writing is by launching your own blog, and this has proven to be one of the very top part time jobs online. Many people choose to do this as a full-time career, but it can also provide a solid source of part-time income if you only have a couple hours per day to dedicate to it.

Editor / Proof-Reader

Proofreading is the correcting of surface errors such as grammar, spelling and punctuation. While it still requires a nuanced understanding of the English language, it differs from editing, which seeks to improve the overall quality of writing by enhancing flow, readability and structure.

Traditionally, editors make more substantive changes to improve writing quality, while proofreaders just check for perfection in grammar, punctuation and spelling. However, in the freelance arena, clients often expect both. So knowing both skills is key to ramping up your earnings in the field.

One thing to keep in mind is that because the barrier to entry is relatively low, you could have a lot of competition as a part-time editor or proofreader. Taking a course can help you sharpen up your skills and fine-tune your approach to landing clients, making you a more competitive candidate.


Online tutors can work with students as young as kindergarten and as old as college students studying for their Master’s degree.

You could be a part of their homeschooling program or simply offering help with some of the subjects that they struggle with.

Some people hire online tutors to help with simple homework tasks. You don’t have to have a lot of experience to tackle these part time jobs online, especially if the topic is easy, to offer this kind of service.

However, if you’re specializing in a specific academic topic, your students will be willing to pay higher for your services. Specializing makes it easier to become a successful online tutor with lots of clients since you’re the expert in that niche.

Strong earning potential and opportunity, but you need sufficient knowledge in a subject area. Additionally, you have to cater your schedule to people around the world, which limits flexibility and may mean working overnight or irregular hours.


Virtual Assistant

Much like a CSA, a virtual assistant is there mainly to assist the employer in his or her tasks, more so like a PA that works remotely though you will have to be go to guy for all things that need the employer and be very adapt at most of the duties he or she does.

VA part time jobs online

You can often find work as a VA even if you only have a limited set of basic administrative skills. But if that’s the case, you’ll be competing with VAs in developing nations — a fact that will be reflected in your pay.

Must be available and responsive Monday through Friday during business hours, and be able to work at least 25 hours per week. Delegate first trains new VAs, then has them shadow current ones. Finally, new VAs do peer-to-peer training before working with clients.

Graphic Designer

The graphic design is really a very broad industry where you can specialize in and is among the top part time jobs online for a reason. While a degree in graphic design will get you ready for all the fields, you can pick one specific one and excel in it.

Not to forget that developing a deep knowledge of a specific skill will give you the advantage for that position in any company. They will pick you with a deep knowledge of a specific skill over someone with a degree and general knowledge of all the fields of graphic design.

Graphic designers create visuals, such as photos and graphics, that convey information about brands to consumers. This can include logos, brochures, product packaging, billboard ads and other marketing materials.

Typography, web design, graphic design programs (Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,GIMP etc.) and attention to detail.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers write and schedule posts, plan campaigns, research a brand’s  audience, interact with customers and use analytics to improve results.

Social media savvy, copy-writing, customer service and web analytics.

People with a well-rounded digital skill set. This, as one of the part time jobs online, often requires a little bit of writing, some graphic design and even a bit of sales. You don’t have to be a pro in each of these, but having some degree of proficiency will make you more competitive.


part time jobs online for bookeepers

Bookkeepers are critical to efficient financial management in business. They handle several basic financial tasks, such as recording transactions, organizing financial records and producing financial reports for business owners and managers.

Attention to detail, number skills and proficiency with bookkeeping software/the ability to learn software.Individuals who are detail-oriented and get a sense of satisfaction solving mathematical problems.


Customer Service Agent (CSA)

There are two major ways to get customer service jobs. The main way is to find remote work with a traditional corporation. There are lots of jobs like this, and you can find information on specific companies here.

The other way to do customer service is to become a virtual assistant specializing in customer service. This is a completely different way of doing things, and it involves starting your own VA business. I love freelancing for sure, and you could make a higher hourly rate if you go the VA route, but running your own business is not for everyone.

In this job, you’ll answer customer questions and troubleshoot problems with products they buy via online chat and phone.

Micro Tasking

Micro tasking is essentially crowdsourced labor, in which people complete small tasks that make up a larger project like labeling photos, creating product descriptions, answering questions, doing research and transcribing documents.

It deserves a spot on this list because it requires virtually no skills and no time commitment, which means you can easily earn a few bucks in your spare time from one of the best of the part time jobs online. But it comes in last because the pay can be low — sometimes, just a few dollars per hour.

You may not know how to find the best micro jobs sites to earn money. The easiest way is to look online. You will find opportunities ranging from completing a short survey to freelance writing.


You will find pay rates ranging from a few cents to a couple of hundred bucks per task. Expect that shorter activities will pay you less, and higher paying jobs will require more of your time.

Most of the best side gig apps specialize in a particular area or two, and you can use multiple short task apps to increase income potential. The best course of action is to try several sites to find the ones that work best for you.

In Conclusion (Part Time Jobs Online)

There is a lot one can do in these part time jobs online to keep busy and make some cash at the same time. It has become increasingly advantageous to be able to work from home these days and sooner or later we might find ourselves out of the office and working remotely all together.

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